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Marine coatings are a type of protective coating used mostly in Marine environment to protect ships, vessels, tankers and other material from saline atmosphere. Marine coatings have specific functional properties therefore, it can provide superior long term protection to the surfaces it is applied. These coatings protect submerged surfaces as well as above sea water surfaces. Marine coatings protect materials from corrosion, abrasion as well prevent fouling growth.

The marine coatings market is comprised of a number of sub-segments such as:

  • => General cargo and passenger ships
  • => Tankers
  • => Bulk carriers
  • => Container ships
  • => Recreational craft operating in both ocean and freshwater environments

Nav Bharat’s Phenalkamine range of epoxy curing agents provide high level of corrosion protection with distinct advantage in applications viz. fast cure, low temperature cure, surface tolerance, and low solvent emission. Nav Bharat epoxy curing agents are designed to meet the most demanding and critical applications of the marine coating industry.

From Light color phenalkamines to high solids, VOC free, low viscosity products, Nav Bharat offers a wide selection to the marine coating industry for their desired applications & properties.

For over 30 years, Nav Bharat range of marine coatings has successfully delivered products and services to address the marine industry’s constantly evolving needs.

Working closely with our customer, we incorporate the latest sustainable advances and innovations into practical product development, clearly focused on maximizing our customers’ return on investment in shipbuilding and vessel operations.

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