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Acrylic Coatings

These coatings are based on acrylic polymers or copolymers have excellent color retention when exposed to outdoor conditions. Once applied on the surface, it produces a paint film, which has excellent hardness, impact & chemical resistance properties.

Acrylic surface coatings are the leading finishes used in the paint and coatings industry, having surpassed alkyd finishes over the past few years. Acrylic coatings are of two types: Thermosetting (TSA) and Thermoplastic (TPA).

These products are used in a variety of industries like Agricultural, Automotive, Decorative and household items.


  • => Strong Long term Weathering
  • => High Solids
  • => Reduced Application time
  • => Complete edge coverage
  • => Broad range of colors available with exact color match
  • => Excellent color & gloss retention without the use of an additional clearcoat High chemical and corrosion resistance on a variety of substrates in various environments

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